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Re: No matter how much I purge

Originally Posted by weareborgswife View Post
I feel you! There are still many things I am wanting to figure out what to do with... I am working to transition things out of the kids room into my laundry room to see if they REALLY want them or just think they do... I think could probably get rid of the Littlest Petshops pretty soon- I felt bad doing it sooner as my youngest got a big set from Grandma for Christmas and she had REALLY wanted them... but then in May she got some Calico Critters and a house for them... so Petshops moved to "storage" they popped out last week- but still aren't as interactive with them as the Calico Critters and Grandma bought them some new pieces for Christmas- so the Petshops will be moving on.

Slowly but surely.... working with my own things and being a good model for the kids on how I am cleaning out MY things is helping them...

Now my sis-in-law sending 3 years worth of gifts and my mother in law being here when they arrived so i couldn't make anything disappear before they saw it, UGH! They got a family's worth of gifts just from the 2 boxes that arrived. More purging will be coming soon.... Overwhelmed just thinking of the piles of things sitting under the tree in front of me right now.
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