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Re: Any one else bummed because of medical issues and Christmas

Thanks for the kind words Jennyfa. I had an early wake up call and I was reminded how ungrateful I'm being for all the positives things in my life.

After I was woken up at 3am because of Alec's pump occlusion alarm, I decided to look through my Caring Bridge history of other children's parents I got to know when Alec was a preschooler and had lost touch with over the years. The diagnoses were all very different but they all had one thing in common medical charts thicker then a Webster dictionary and a diagnosis list at least a page long just like Alec. I was shocked to find most of their sites were no longer journals but memorial pages. God bless the families who will be celebrating Christmas this year with one less place setting. I am so incredibly blessed that this mourning I get to hold my son while he discovers what Santa brought him this year.
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