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Re: Bridesmaid while breastfeeding - am I stressing for nothing.

I personally wouldn't do it if I couldn't wear straps, but then again most people I know getting married currently don't do the goofy matchy matchy thing, so everything coordinates but doesn't have to be exactly the same. I don't wear strapless dresses, period, so nursing or not I wouldn't be able to be a bridesmaid for someone that stiff in the whole "their day" thing to the point that I could not wear a dress with straps.

I did it once, for a family member, and would never do it again. In retrospect I should've just politely declined but I was pressured into it unfortunately (not by the bride, but other family). It was more than just the actual wedding. The entire day was filled with activities we had to be at, including activities leading up to the wedding and during the reception. There was a specific table we had to sit at (I did NOT know these people, and they all knew eachother, it was not fun) and there were dances we had to participate in - I don't dance - etc. Honestly I'm just not bridesmaid material, we got married in a court house and I couldn't be happier with that decision, LOL
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