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Originally Posted by JennTheMomma
I don't think you're being melodramatic. There are a lot of hormones going crazy still at 8 weeks postpartum, you may or may not be done with lochia yet, you may or may not be sore on your bottom, you may or may not be breastfeeding smoothly, etc. So many different possabilites. I would just tell her that you are so honored to be a bridesmaid, but you really need a dress with a strap. I assume she has no kids yet, so probably doesn't understand. I cannot nurse in a strapless bra, no way. My breasts are too heavy when not full of milk and if I wear a strapless bra I have to use that glu stuff to keep it up, and that's not very compatible with a nursing infant.

I think she can bend a little for you. Sure it's her "day", but you really don't need the stress which can escalate a lot of emotions so early on in your postpartum weeks. It's also not just for your comfort, but for your baby's. Sitting around in a car or bathroom just because she didn't want you to wear straps, is not worth the hassle in my book.

I truly hope you two can come to an agreement that works for you both. Maybe you can suggest clear straps on both your bra and dress.
I don't think you're overreacting, either. I would absolutely refuse if I couldn't wear a dress with straps - I was a 32F after having my son, so NOTHING strapless was happening, much less a formal dress.

I *went* to a wedding with my son when he was 8 weeks old. The wedding was at the end of July, and I ended up trekking around carting him, sweating my butt off, missing half of everything because of nursing, etc. No way could I have actually participated in the ceremony and other wedding activities that took place ALL DAY and into the evening. Especially without a nice, supportive nursing bra with straps. Hehe

I think she can be considerate of you and your newborn and find a way around absolutely having to have all of her bridesmaids in strapless dresses. If not, oh well. Pick another bridesmaid, then. JMO.
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