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Call a Planned Parenthood and ask for an appointment for "options counseling". I know that the PP affiliate here has a pro-choice adoption agency that is very supportive of the biological mother's choice and won't pressure you one way or another. All Planned Parenthood's have an adoption agency they can refer you to, as well as agencies they can refer you to, for help, should you decide to raise the child. Often laying out the actual facts of each choice, will make what you want to do, very clear. They can even lay out the legal requirements for the father to support the child, etc., should you choose to continue the pregnancy and keep the child. If you are truly opposed to abortion, they will not encourage you to have an abortion. You're the one who has to live with your decision, not the counselors.
I don't recommend a "pregnancy crisis" center as they have a very specific agenda and will push you based on their beliefs, no matter what you need or what is best for you and your family.
Also, the abortion pill, or "medication abortion" can be more complicated than a surgical abortion depending on what state you are in and that facility's protocols. I know in Ohio it takes 4 visits due to state law, but I think surgical AB only requires 2 visits in Ohio. Medication abortions are actually a two step process with two different medications. Medication abortions often require an ultrasound as well. You do not have to look at the ultrasound with either type of AB, even if it is required to have the ultrasound done. Just look away. Also, if it is very early there won't be much to see.
With a medication AB you would have symptoms similar to a miscarriage that would last at least a few days. It isn't as simple as "take a pill and you aren't pregnant". Also, you can only have a medication AB pretty early, again it varies by state and protocols, but I'm pretty sure it's only to about 7 weeks.
Good luck! You have a very difficult decision to make that will impact you and your current children for years to come. Don't let anyone push you one way or another. Just arm yourself with as many facts as you can so you can make a well-informed decision.
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