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For me 0 to 1 was tough! 1-2 was a cake walk. Dd1 was almost 2.5 when dd2 came. I was already use to the sleepless nights and need for attention a newborn/infant required. I knew what to expect. One thing that really helped dd1 I think was that dd2 wasnt my baby or the baby she was OUR baby. Dd1 was 'needed' to hand me a burp cloth or diaper, give kisses to help dd2 grow strong, sing her songs, 'read' her books ect She took to it like a duck to water Ds joined our family 11 days ago and now at 7 and 5.5 both girls are needed. They have a few different jobs this go round but knowing I appreciate their help makes them feel good.

Congrats mama. Dd will adjust-might take time, but she will
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