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Going from 1 to 2 was so much easier than from 0 to 1. DS1 was an extremely high needs baby. He had serious problems nursing and I ended up EPing. He had acid reflux and threw up a ton and screamed all the time. He also hated sleeping. He would stay up for hours and hours at night and refuse to nap during the day from when we was very young. DS1 was almost 22 months when DS2 was born. He loves his younger brother and loved "helping." The hardest part was getting him to settle down and be careful when I had my hands full with the baby. DS2 was an easy baby who loved being worn so I would wear him almost all day and do stuff with DS1 like the zoo, nature walks, playing outside, going to the park. I did have a little trouble wish his excess energy. He had gone to daycare before with 4 other boys around his age and they would wrestle and play all day and he was used to being active nonstop and when I had to nurse DS2 he would get rambunctious. I would read him a book or do an educational app on my phone with him. It is an adjustment, but most kids seem to do just fine with it. My boys are inseparable now and love playing together.
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