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2 soakers, 1 matching tee and 3 footed fleece sleepers left. traded

Soakers made by me for my DS when he was in the 12-18mo size range. They have an extra layer in the wet zone and though I wouldn't call these shorts, I make my soakers to come a little longer so they fit almost like boy shorts. Measurements are taken at rest. Listed individually, or take the soakers for 7ppd, fleece jammies for 10ppd.

Pooh bear soaker, very good condition, not used a whole lot, elastic waist, 4ppd.
W:16 (these stretch several inches)

Red/white dog, good condition, pilly, but soft and very stretchy, 4ppd SOLD
W: 18
R: 18
T: 12

Orange/yellow dump truck, good condition, but w/a mark where a sticker was stuck on (see pic below), very stretchy, 3ppd
W: 16 (stretch several inches)
R: 17.5
T: 11

Matching dump truck shirt, $1 w/ purchase of dump truck soaker.

3 Carter's fleece footie sleepers, size 18 mo. Jammies and fleece cover in one! All 3 for 10ppd

from left to right:
Moose: GUC, not as soft as others and thinning esp. in knees
Dino: VGUC, soft and thick, a little pilly on the front
Balls: EUC, soft and thick, don't think this one was used much at all

Carter's fleece pants, navy and tan w/ brown stitch, 18 mo. good condition. These work awesome as diaper covers and pants all in one! 4ppd each, or 6ppd for both SOLD

Carter's fleece matching hoodie, 18mo. $3 w/pant(s) SOLD

Sock Monkey soaker, good condition, not too stretchy,3ppd.
R: 18.5
Thigh: 11

Yellow dragon, a bit of an experiment, these are not the tradition soaker. They have legs that come down to the top of the knee. DS wore these once, so like new. They are pretty thick, probably good for overnight. 3ppd.
W: 18
R: 20
Inseam: 5

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