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Re: Any one else bummed because of medical issues and Christmas

My thoughts go out to you. We have become so used to our rearranged holidays/life that I sometimes forget that others do things differently or that we used to do things different. Thankfully the last 2 weeks have been hospital free (though I did reschedule some day stay stuff for myself until January, I just wanted a week or 2 with out going to the hospital with someone). With my son's medical problems, he can't eat food or have contact with food so we can't have holiday meals in our home or go to a holiday meal at anyone else's home. We really can't go to other people's homes at all. That's just the tip of the iceberg medical/holiday wise. I'm disabled, my son has the most disabilities but my 3 girls all have a genetic connective tissue/auto immune disorders that causes chronic pain, etc. We have just tried to find ways to make it work for all of us.
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