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Re: Any one else bummed because of medical issues and Christmas

Hugs mama. That was us last Christmas. He got to come home on Christmas eve on oxygen and monitors because it was Christmas, but probably should have stayed, and we walked on egg shells. Sadly, Christmas day was DD2's previously scheduled baptism, so I had 14 people staying in our home while DH and I slept on an air mattress in DS's room with his oxygen alarm going off every 15 minutes all night long. We almost told everyone not to come, but to be honest, we needed the help with our 9 month old and 4 year old so I could be at the hospital around the clock. Definitely glad that we are in a much more stable place this Christmas.

Only weirdness today was that DS walked into the kitchen at my moms and started gagging from all the smells of the foods. Luckily, my mom gets it, and just guided him into the dining room, and it got better.

I hope you had a peaceful day, and that your LO gets stronger every day. Good luck!
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