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Re: Bridesmaid while breastfeeding - am I stressing for nothing.

take a deep breath you can do it!

I had to take off my dress to nurse (truthfully, I decided that was easiest and fastest) and stuffed pads in a strapless (the bodice had ribs and was fitted beautifully for support-- I had ribs put in my strapless by my seamstress- her idea and it was great! best 5 bucks spent- strapless also hooked to my dress). I had to use a huge closet at the winery because I needed to feed right before the ceremony-- lol- DH stood at the door just to let people know-- the people in the kitchen were great! Clean, large, no distractions was my choice... couldn't find any place I liked better-- I'm not a bathroom nurser (personal preference). DH had me back in the dress in a flash and whisked away the boy.
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