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Re: diaper safari cover and trifold insert action shots

Originally Posted by holocene View Post
I'm so glad you posted this. I was just thinking about buying some aios but momentarily forgot how annoying they are to wash and dry. Reading this was a nice reminder.

I'm very tempted by these covers. But my darlin fella has shown sensitivity to exposed pul in the past, so I'm cautious about trying again.....
This was an issue with us in the past as well however..SO far the inserts have been wide enough to fully cover the pul and no major bunching. I've been just laying the inserts ontop of the suade cloth on my pockets though (since I have jsut one of the plain covers) They have worked great and gave me a mini break from constantly stuffing. The wings on the covers are a bit streachier though than on the pockets and the cover only can be used more often before washing..
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