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Re: Wool Wash and Care Instructions

I am a very visual person, so I thought I'd share a picture tutorial of how I wash and lanolize my wool. It's a little different than what has been posted above, but I haven't had any lanolin spots, and we haven't had any leaks. So I think it's working.

First, I start out with pure lanolin, baby soap, a small tupperware bowl, and my wool wash bar.

I run warm water in the sink and hold my wool wash bar under the water as I'm filling the sink to make it a little sudsy.

Now it's ready for the wool.

I add my wool, which just so happens to be a Babyology soaker I dyed the night before.

Note: this was clean wool, but if you've been using it, make sure you rinse all of the urine and/or poopy out of it BEFORE you add it to the wool wash. If you do have poopy or dirt on it, just give it a little scrub with your wool wash bar.

While that's sitting in the wool wash bath, I get my lanolin ready.

I start with about 1/2" of lanolin (a little less if it's already been lanolized).

I put it in my Tupperware bowl and add water.

Then, I pop it into the microwave for 40 seconds uncovered.

When it's done, I put the lid on it and shake shake shake.

Then, I add a tiny drop of baby wash.

And shake shake shake again.

Once all of the lanolin is melted, go back to the sink and rinse your wool in the same temp water that you washed it in.

Then, refill the sink with clean water (same temp) and add the lanolin mixture.

Add your wool.

I flip it over a few times to get it good and coated with lanolin.

I let it sit for about 10 minutes and then let the sink drain while the wool is still in the sink so all the lanoliin doesn't go down the drain.

I don't wring mine out -- I just put it onto my waiting towel.

Then, I roll it up in the towel.

I let it sit in the rolled-up towel while I clean up, then I put it on the drying rack to let it dry.

That's it! Nice, clean, lanolized wool.
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