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Re: Bridesmaid while breastfeeding - am I stressing for nothing.

I wouldn't even attend a wedding with an 8 week old, yet alone be in one! Babies can be so sensitive at that age and I wouldn't want to ruin someone's party due to a crying baby. It is going to be overstimulating, with the music and number of people.

Can it be done, sure, but I wouldn't plan on it. What if your baby arrives early and is in the nicu? What if they arrive late and you're still bleeding? What if you have an emergency c-section? What about a painful prolapse, stitches, etc.? What if your baby is colic-y, ill, etc.? I wouldn't want to cancel on anyone last minute. How would they feel if you left during the middle of the ceremony because you had to nurse your baby? That would be a HUGE interruption! I would also personally plan on only staying at the reception an hour or two, how would that look?

I would kindly decline and say that my attendance at the ceremony is also not guaranteed but that you'll try. I use all the time up until about my baby is 3-4 months to catch up on extra sleep and really rest and get to know my baby. Only you know what is best for you and your family.

Truly be kind if you tell your brother that it just isn't doable. Pull the, "when you have kids, you will understand" card.
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