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Re: SEVERELY chapped lips. What to do?

DS2 (4.5) is a compulsive lip picker. If he can find the tiniest bit of skin to pick at, he'll do it. Keeping something in his little hands all the time helps a lot. We also use lip balm constantly. Every time we get in the car I hand him some. He gets some after breakfast. He gets some on the way to school. He gets some after school. He gets some before TKD. And at bedtime we put extra on. He picks less when there is less to pick at. We really have to stay on top of it.

If you think it's more than just chapped lips, do take him in. I remember Stephanie (VinThi) posting about her son dealing with chapped lips and they turned out to be infected with something.

Something thick and waterproof is really helpful. My dad has this stuff made with beeswax that is awesome.

ETA: Here's the link to Stephanie's thread.
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