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Re: SEVERELY chapped lips. What to do?

Originally Posted by NotLad View Post
Vaseline is a barrier. It will protect his lips from the licking and allow the skin to heal.
Ok thanks!

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
Carminex works better when they are that bad. DS2 who is 4 with PDD had it that bad and the Carminex cleared it is a couple days with frequent use.
Thank you for the advice! I didn't know that Crminex would be better than chapstick! I'll have DH pick some up for me!

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
DS2 (4.5) is a compulsive lip picker. If he can find the tiniest bit of skin to pick at, he'll do it. Keeping something in his little hands all the time helps a lot. We also use lip balm constantly. Every time we get in the car I hand him some. He gets some after breakfast. He gets some on the way to school. He gets some after school. He gets some before TKD. And at bedtime we put extra on. He picks less when there is less to pick at. We really have to stay on top of it.

If you think it's more than just chapped lips, do take him in. I remember Stephanie (VinThi) posting about her son dealing with chapped lips and they turned out to be infected with something.

Something thick and waterproof is really helpful. My dad has this stuff made with beeswax that is awesome.
Thank you so much. Yeah I have been telling him to put chapstick on like every half an hour. We are actually using Burts Bees.


Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
It soaks into the dead skin, making it kinda rub off, without bleeding/cracking and it creates a barrier from the air so it stops the lips from getting crusty. We use it a lot for bad lips!!! I use Chapstick on the go- but really only for the sunscreen effects. Vaseline at home!! /)
Thank you so much!

Thanks for all the awesome advice ladies! I'll get some vaseline and/or carminex. If it doesn't clear up within the next day or two I'll take him to the pediatrician to have it looked at.

It IS looking better today, the scabs have all come off, there is only one small spot that was bleeding. So still swollen, but over all a lot better.

Thanks again!! I knew I could count on DS for a lot of good advice!

God bless!
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