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Re: No matter how much I purge

I started embracing a more minimalist life almost five years ago, and I still do not feel I am quite there.

We still have four bookshelves slotted to leave the house as soon as we deal with what is on them. One shelf is empty, one has four plastic cubes of papers to go through first, one has books and dvd's we are getting rid of, and one has a variety of stuff on it (1-2 shelves slotted to be stored, another shelf of dvd's we'd like to watch once more before we get rid of them, and one shelf of magazines to go through before tossing/giving them away. I also have two closets that need dealing has like 5 CPU units that DH has been planning on stripping of anything useful for months now and one is our catch-all closet (but it needs dealing with ASAP, cause the room it is in is being converted from a guest room to a "big boy" room for our son). Besides that we have our garage which has only had one partial clean out in the last year and a half and our attic, which we haven't cleared out since we moved in almost four years ago (so who knows what could be cleared out of there now?). But being pregnant it will be a while till I can tackle the garage and attic.

Even with the clean and organized parts of the house it is still an ongoing thing. I probably go through our linen closet, bathroom drawers and cabinets, kitchen drawers and cabinets, and the pantry at least twice a year and always find more to toss/give away. Kiddo's toys and clothes get a twice yearly sort through as well...and my clothes are an ongoing project. Even DH ends up at least every other year getting pestered enough to finally go through his side of the closet and get rid of stuff he hasn't worn in years.

I really don't think it ever truly ends...cause there is always gonna be an influx of stuff coming in, despite my best efforts at keeping that to a minimum. People are always gonna insist on giving us stuff at Christmas and birthdays, and usually (unless we can return it) it stays for at least a little while (hopefully replacing something else that goes). Kids outgrow clothes, mamas get pregnant and it is easier to hang onto maternity clothes than to get new/different stuff every pregnancy, husbands bring home more geeky/computer stuff despite their claims of loving the minimalist life. You just can't help it. It will ALWAYS be a process. But it does get easier the longer you are at it cause by nature of being minimalist, eventually you get to a point where the stuff isn't nearly as overwhelming.
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