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What can I do with ...

... one really tiny cast iron dutch oven?

MIL, bless her heart, got me a cute little Fiestaware one for Christmas. It's 0.35 quart size, very cute, but I simply cannot think of a way to put it to practical use. We are a homeschooling family of four plus a dog in a <1000 sq. ft. house with a very small kitchen -- if I can't use something I can't justify keeping it, as much as I love Fiestaware and as cute as this little casserole dish is!

DH, bless his heart, also gave me an individual-size oval casserole dish that is very small -- I don't know if I should exchange the dutch oven for another small casserole so I have two matching, or vice versa, or just exchange both for one larger baking dish that I know I will use a lot.

The worst part is that I think they were both really excited to give me these gifts and I don't want to hurt any feelings ...
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