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Originally Posted by firsttimeclothmomma
LO has always been challenging, since birth. I guess I was hopeful some of the issues would get better as he got older. But he'll be a 18 mo in January and DH and I are starting to lose our gourds. I'm basically venting but any or all advice for any of the issues below is appreciated.

1. We've enter the picky eater phase. This kid would devour liver if I gave it to him as an infant. Now, he literally eats seven things: Crackers, Cheese sticks, blueberries, chicken nuggets, pasta, bananas and applesauce (notice how there isn't one veggie in there). He's with DCP full time and let me tell you, the list there is MUCH longer. It includes mandarin oranges, green beans, cucumbers, eggs... however he refuses to eat any of that with us.
As far as this goes-mine went through it and this is what we did. (No flames please!)
I gave him a certain choice (ie. oranges, banana) and if he said neither then he didn't get anything until the next meal/snack time. For meals, the biggest concession I ever made for my kids was not putting sauce on their pasta.
My feeling is that they'll eat if they're hungry. They always are able to have water. Otherwise mine would eat all day first of all and only eat crappy food. They eat whatever my mom offers no mattr what but this was a huge battle with us. This works for us though.
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