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Re: My 17 month old is draining us

Most of what you wrote sounds normal to me. My kids aren't particularly picky eaters, but it sounds like he eats a fair variety of foods for a seventeen-month-old. The fact that he eats a greater variety of foods at daycare makes me wonder if there is some aspect of a power struggle between you over food at home. My two-year-old can be pickier than my older children, but I just continue to serve her the same food that we all eat. I don't care if she eats it or not. Food is just a nonissue. There are a few things the kids enjoy and can eat no matter what (mostly fruit, veggies, cheese, and other healthy things they can grab without help), but I don't make special foods for people who don't want to eat what they're served. It's my expectation that my two-year-old will eat even more of what I serve over time.

I haven't had kids in childcare for awhile, but when I did, my child cried any time I dropped her off, even after a year with the same caregiver. She didn't cry when dh dropped her off. I don't believe there were any issues with the caregiver; she was just very attached to me and I hated leaving her. She probably sensed that. My husband even took videos of her crying and carrying on after I'd leave the house and she was alone with him (her own father!).

As for him wanting you to carry him around all day, I'd try ignoring him a little. Give him a toy, tell him you need to do something then go about your business. Talk to him if he gets upset, but don't pick him up. Tell him you'll be done in ten or fifteen minutes. I actually think this is one of those things that is easier when you have more kids, because they play together. My oldest was much clinger than my younger kids. I was all she had.
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