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Re: My 17 month old is draining us

my 2 1/2 yr old just started doing some of the same stuff. mind you I have 5 kids and they all did have times in their lives that i REALLY disliked their behavior... and it lasted at least a yr.
so the tantrums, I wont deal. if its a fit for no reason, you go to your room or throw a fit by yourself. I ignore it. that has worked great. attention made it worse and she only got louder.
i offer food all day long. I dont do 3 meals, cause I dont eat 3 meals. I snack and have big 1-2 bigger meals (I am a small girl and need to keep natural sugars up)

throwing toys, getting mean, screaming, also not tolerated. I make sure she understands she wont get her way and her actions are not ok.
a 17 month old may not understand but I feel they learn early so if you see a thing you dislike, change it now.
more often than not, her sassiness is from not eating well or being over tired.
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