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Re: No matter how much I purge

Originally Posted by SunflowerMommy View Post
Does anyone else get rid of stuff only to have well meaning friends and family show up with truckloads of stuff to replace it all? A while back we got rid of our dining room table because it never got used, except to collect junk, and we needed the space to set up a play area for the kids. Shortly after a family member passed away and we got his old dining room table dropped off. Apparently we needed it because we didn't have one. LOL Since that table was bigger and nicer than our old kitchen table we put that in the kitchen eating area and now the old kitchen table is in the garage awaiting its fate. We haven't purchased furniture in ages but our house is crammed full!
Yes, and for us, our family knows we love vintage items, so I can't get rid of any of it because it's not replaceable. There are a few pieces of furniture we don't really need but I am not willing to part even though I know they'd have been gone years ago if they were from IKEA. I'm so grateful for my family being amazing gift givers, but at the same time, it makes it harder because I cant just send excess things to goodwill since there was so much thought put into it and we really do love what they give us. Apart from that, we also get offers for TVs all the time, even though we haven't had one in about two years now by choice.

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