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Re: Cloth Nursing Pads

Originally Posted by treehugger2012 View Post
There is no way to plan how many you need until you start leaking then see how much you leak. Some people leak a lot and others not so much. I make some nursing pads if you need any. I would say to start off with 6 pairs that way you have enough to last a day so you can do laundry. I started out with 12 and never seem to use them all. I love flannel because it is so soft against my hurting nipples lol
I started out with 6 pairs, which were great the first week I started leaking. But a few days after that, I had to change them every hour, more often at night times too. The cotton ones I have are ok, but they soak up and get saturated fairly quickly. I like the hemp/bamboo pads better. They soak up a lot, but feel dryer so I don't have wet/cold boobies.
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