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Re: What Lengths Have You/Would You Go To To Stay Home?

Because of childcare expenses, it's cheaper for me to stay home and work 2 part time jobs (I teach ballet on the weekends and watch a little boy during the week) than it was for me to pay for childcare on a teacher's salary. I don't make much, but I make more money with those 2 jobs I can do while staying home with my kids than I would have left over after paying full time child care for 3 kids.

We do without a lot anyway, no cable, no data packages on our phones, rarely eating out, no big vacations, old clunky vehicles most other people wouldn't want to drive. But I never really feel like we are doing without things, just being wise with our money and choices.

We planned from the beginning that my income would always be "extra" and put into savings, or to pay for childcare, so we budgeted our mortgage on my husband's income only which really helped us in the long run.
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