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Re: What Lengths Have You/Would You Go To To Stay Home?

My DH makes decent money, middle class living here. We sacrific a lot, in comparison to friends who work similar jobs but have a spouse who works another middle income job.

We don't really vacation. We can afford to take a week long normal vacation somewhere nice, like FL or such. Not like a 6 grand Disney vacation. We actually haven't ever gotten to do this while together, but we've taken several weekend local "stay cations" (camping, and downtown one night to a concert and nice hotel).

We don't have big x-mas's (though DS gets plenty to play with, make no mistake, LOL), and can't really afford to go into debt to buy many others gifts. I have a huge extended family, it's all or nothing so other than my mom, dad, and nephew, we don't do gifts. We do get DH's mother and brother some small as well like my immediate family.

We eat on a budget, but that said we could do better if I cooked more meals at home. We eat lunch out once or twice a week usually (like $20 lunches for both of us) and only do dinner date nights out a few times a year.

I shop a lot of sales, I don't just buy off the rack brand new stuff that isn't on sale with a coupon. I shop a lot of clearance racks year round so DS wears new, nice stuff. I don't mind used but I can find it cheaper new honestly than places like OUAC and I don't have much luck with garage sales unless it's a big advertised kid sale since gas it so expensive nowadays. Since I'm a SAHM I shop the mall regularly and watch prices/sales/clearance and have no problem having tons of clothes for DS.

When I bought this house, I was single and single income with the same job as my now DH. So in that regard, we can afford this house. I would not be opposed to selling a house and moving if it wasn't going to cost a fortune to do so and if I wasn't moving to an area I wasn't comfortable with.

I just can't get over how sad it is that people I know with kids my DS's age that work regular M-F jobs don't really see their kids other than weekends. My one friend with one DS's age and an 8 month old drops them off to daycare first thing in the AM (they eat breakfast there and everything) and by the time they pick them up, the kids go to bed a couple hrs later. I would move heaven and earth to do it, a bigger house, newer cars, etc is not as important to me as being with my kids to see them grow up.
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