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Re: My 17 month old is draining us

Since you know that he does all these things with the daycare provider but just not you, I really think that your little one knows that he can get his way at home. I have several daycare kids over the years that did everything expected at daycare but were quite the little tyrants at home. I am sorry if that is harsh....

this isnt going to fixed until you and the hubby get very firm and consistent with him. no TV period. do it cold turkey until he shows that he can play independently at home. I would expect this to take a couple weeks to a couple months, depending on how stubborn he is. no matter how much he cries for TV, dont give in! do the meals and if he doesnt want it, then he can wait till the next meal to eat. I dont have picky eaters here but I also never make meals based on lists of what kids eat. He will not starve, I promise. carrying is tougher but I would recommend limiting it to carrying only when necessary. if he wants attention, sit down next to him or let him climb in your lap to read a book but no more carrying around the house. I realize that is not something that every mom is comfortable with but that is what I would do. as for the clingy, that might be his nature but either way, just make goodbyes short and sweet. there is nothing else you can do. i do recommend that my daycare parents walk the kid to the door so mom doesnt have to rip him off her body and cause more drama by physically removing him.
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