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Re: What Lengths Have You/Would You Go To To Stay Home?

Thanks for sharing.

Again, I'm not really venting or looking for advice. Just seeing to what extremes people have gone. Our house is the reason I keep working. It's a modest home, perhaps even on the small side. A decent apartment in this city costs the same amount as our mortgage, taxes, etc. I don't really know what I'm trying to get at here, maybe just simply - would you sell your modest home and move into a cruddy apartment just to stay home? Or would you stay in your modest home and to provide a better environment for your kids to grow up?

We are in a weird income range. Middle class, for sure. DH and I make about the same salary and one salary covers daycare costs & the mortgage and the other one covers everything else with a little bit extra every month. Some of it is saved, some spent. So getting rid of one income just doesn't work.

And I just wanted to comment on the part where parents only see their kids for a couple of hours at night and weekends.....those 3-4 hours I spend with my kids at night (plus the 2 every morning) are pure quality. The mornings are a little hectic, but those 5-6 hours I spend with my kids every day I try to be totally focussed on them. So I don't feel a lot of guilt about not being their everything all day. And my DH picks the kids up about 2 hours before I get home, so I feel like they are getting plenty of mom and dad time.
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