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Re: What Lengths Have You/Would You Go To To Stay Home?

I wanted to stay home but my husband was not convinced we could afford it. We learned to live on his income and saved my income for a little over a year until my son was 13 months old. Then we had a huge chunk of money for a down payment on a house. We moved into a cheaper area in the middle of no where and my husband commutes so I can stay home. His commute is 35 min to 1 hour each way. It was so worth it, working was stressing me out and I love staying home with my son. We definitely made sacrifices and no one thought we could do it or afford it. I made good money, more money than DH (he resented this a little anyways), it was a tough decision to quit, but it was the right one. I miss the money, but I love my family more. We have preconceived ideas of what we need or want when in reality we could live on a lot less and be happy. Even now, we have more than enough, we are not hungry we have a place to stay and clothes on our backs. I want my son to have memories of spending time together, not an absentee mother.
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