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Re: changes-dh will be working, too

I have an amazing dh, he has really picked up the slack and does a lot of the cleaning.

I'm looking at recipes/tips for meals. The nice thing about him being home is that dinner was made since he was here. He doesn't go to work until 6, so he was able to make dinner.

We are a one car family, so we leave by 7am; drop of ods to school and then to my work. We usually get there about 7:40. That gives me an 1 hour before my students come. DH will more than likely go to the class he is subbing in to get ready for the day. Not sure if our son will stay with me or go with him.

We'll be getting home between 5-5:30. We'll need a strict meal planning menu to hold us all accountable. I'm thinking about freezer meals; easy/quick meals--but still healthy!

Lunches---we'll pack the night before (if all 4 of us buying--my younger son LOVES school lunches (yuck--but he eats all of it).

We'll have to become more routine friendly (we are so not scheduled/list type of people). I don't want to be stressed out, my job is stressful enough!
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