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Re: Need recipe inspiration for elimination diet

I'm in the same boat as you are, but I also don't eat eggs. My husband makes me turkey "burgers". He uses turkey and portabello mushroom "buns". You can have chicken tacos with lettuce leaves instead of tortillas.

I eat a oatmeal, mashed potatoes with chicken stock only (no milk or butter), beans, pea soup with carrots and potatoes, lots of chicken (stir fried with veggies, in soups, on salads), and veggie soup with pork sausage (not sure if tomatoes are hurting us too, so I'll have to check if there are any reactions next time we make this). I can't remember what else we have, but it's been a PITB trying to figure out what I can or can't eat.

I also have coconut milk instead of dairy (SO delicious brand). I use it in my tea (decaf) and other foods that I like with milk (except cereal).

I'm always looking for more ideas since eating the same thing gets kinda boring. :/
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