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Re: Was your ultrasound correct?

Originally Posted by jessicanashville View Post
Maybe it's just all in my head. These are all my reasons:
I have had two boys and I carried VERY low the whole time, this baby is very high.
I have excruciating heartburn all the time. (Never had heartburn with the boys)
My hair has gotten really weird, like coarse
With the boys I got REALLY HAIRY, like on my belly etc, this time I am not.
I have no linea negra, I got it DARK both times before.
This baby rarely kicks, with the boys it looked like they were doing gymnastics all day long.
I got a horrible itchy rash on my face for almost 20 weeks with only this baby.
I had HORRIBLE morning sickness with this baby, like debilitating.

I don't have a crotch shot from the tech, she didn't let me see the screen because I was bleeding and they were checking for problems.
I have gbb. I can't comment on all the symptoms as I didn't notice them all.

I carried lower with each child. My stomach muscles were never that strong to begin with by Thi third they were shot.

I did have worse heartburn with my first the girl. I attributed this to carrying her higher because of stronger muscles.

I didn't notice any change in my hair. My nails grew beautifully with all 3.

I had a dark linea nigra with all three.

My first a girl and my third a boy were constantly on the move. With my daughter you could see her moving from across the room. With my second son I remember the ultrasound tech commenting on how much he moved. Day and night both were on the move. My first son barely moved at all. I would regularly stop to check for movement because he just wasn't active before birth.

Morning sickness was about the same for all three of mine regardless of gender. I was fortunate I never had severe morning sickness.

So although I don't think you symptoms are in your head(I think they are likely miserably real.) I don't think they are indicative of gender. I also know that as early as the ultrasound was done there is a greater likelihood they were wrong. Based off of that one alone I wouldn't be saying for sure the gender to people.
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