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I may be the odd one out here, but I wouldn't make huge sacrifices to stay home... I've been a SAHM since my first was born, and also a FT student. I haven't worked because I don't realistically have the time to do so while also sleeping more than 4 hours per day, but also because we are comfortable enough on DH's salary alone. We aren't rich, certainly, but we aren't accumulating debt, we're able to save some money and can still afford extras.

I'm actually looking forward to going back to work in the next year or two. In my ideal scenario DH will be able to cut back to PT and be a SAHD the rest of the time, and we'll still be making more than we do now. I think he's probably more suited to being a SAHP than I am, I do love the time that I've gotten with my babies while they're small, but I also see how they flourish when they're around other people, so I'm not operating under the delusion that I'm the only person they need to be around. And this has gotten a bit off-topic, so I'll stop now. Lol.
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