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Re: What Lengths Have You/Would You Go To To Stay Home?

Originally Posted by madebymommy View Post
I've always been a SAHM, and we are doing a lot better than we were when we started now. But there was a time where we lived in a small, cheap apartment in a not-so-nice part of town. We shared a beater car. We didn't have tv at all. We had to go to the library to use the computers and internet and we had Tracfones. We didn't go on trips, even to local attractions or anything. We didn't have much furniture and the furniture we had were old hand-me-downs. We didn't have many decorations in our apartment, we didn't have much clothing and we went to the laundromat once every 2 weeks! BUT, I was able to stay home and raise our child. I was able to tape all the firsts that my DH missed out on, and show to him when he got home. It was worth a lot more to me than the other stuff.

Luckily, things got much better and DH got a significant pay raise, we were able to move and we now have all those luxuries like TV/Internet/2 cars etc. But man, we were bare bones for a few years there!
We're in a lot like your first situation right now, and it makes me happy to hear that things got better for you. Hopefully some day, we'll be able to get out of our crappy little apartment, too! I have thought lately about getting some sort of night job, because money is super tight.
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