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Re: freezer meals 101-IDEAS?

Originally Posted by adjroberts View Post
Yes, raw meat and veggies can be combined in the freezer.

Frozen burritos:
Refried beans
Onion, peppers, etc

Mix everything, fill tortillas, wrap up in freezer paper. Put in freezer bag.

Heat up in microwave for about 3 minutes when you are ready to eat.

I use one 1/2 lb bag of dry pinto beans and two cups of rice. It will make like 60 burritos, and they are good!

Is your husband getting a teaching degree online? What college?
He is. He is going through the University of Phoenix. With him subbing, this will give him more experience. We are very blessed. My principal thought of him first.

Great idea on the tortillas! We could do that for breakfast, too!! My kids love "rollups" so I will definitely be making those!

My kids are picky with soups/stews but they are just going to have to get over it. They do like casseroles.

I don't have a great crockpot. It burns things on the warm setting.
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