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Originally Posted by firsttimeclothmomma View Post
Thanks for all the responses. It felt good to get it off my chest and feels even better to know you guys don't think I'm a terrible mom.

I do realize there's a major power struggle starting. DH often loses his patience faster than I do, so I'm constantly trying to get him to stick to his guns (i.e. with the TV). I have started to let LO cry and carry on a few minutes when it's nothing but drama.

Just nice to know I'm not alone.. I know he'll get better.

And I don't take anything offensively.. everything said is with good intent. I also think he's extremely easier when around other children (which shockingly enough doesn't make me want to give him siblings any faster LOL) - and why he does better at daycare - he has stimulation, friends his size, plenty of imaginative and spontaneous play that DH and I can't always give him at home.

One day at a time ...
Plus the power of peer pressure at daycare is amazing. If all the other kids are eating their greenbeans/going to sleep/etc then it MUST be a good idea!
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