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Our first year as parents was the year the economy got bad enough to reach us here in OK. We cut off all extras (cable, gym, etc). Cashed in my 401K to pay off our cars. Put more than we should have on CCs (we expected to bounce back much quicker than we did). Couponed like crazy. I found ways to get baby stuff for free or next to nothing. Cloth diapered while hubby was at work with borrowed end-of-life diapers. Forfeited holiday/birthday shopping.

A lot of our choices were stupid. Not because I was staying home, but because we kept spending as if hubby's pay hadn't taken a dip. We got real on the tail end of things and started making cuts everywhere we could.

If it was just up to me, I'd have no problem downgrading our housing and lifestyle drastically if it meant staying home with them. It would be really hard for hubby, though. We are blessed to not have to choose between a comfortable lifestyle and me sah, though. We have been hugely blessed since that first year.
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