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Re: Was your ultrasound correct?

DD1 we only had the one ultrasound other than the first one to check dates. The ultrasound tech couldn't tell, and we never got back. I had a VERY strong feeling she was a girl though.

DD2 we had to have a succession of ultrasounds with for a variety of reasons. I was convinced she was a boy until a week before the first non dating ultrasound and when practicing how to tell everyone what I was having I couldn't make myself say boy. The tech wasn't 100% sure, but was pretty sure she was a girl in that first ultrasound and subsequent ones over the remainder of the pregnancy confirmed it.

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Oh and I was a baby that broke the wise tales. Everyone thought I was going to be a boy and I am definitely not! Mom didn't have an US with me.
Yup, me too. To the point where they didn't even have a girl's name picked out until I arrived without boys parts. I actually insisted that we pick out a boy's name just in case for that very reason.
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