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Re: Homeschooling?

Originally Posted by R055ANA View Post
Hello again everyone!

I just want to point out I don't think you can get a fair review of the cyber schools on this forum because I believe most of us are traditional homeschoolers. Many of the cybers have their own groups and they don't have an equal representation on here.

Cowgirlfromwyo, it's great you have been thinking about your choices for your DS's education. I hope K12 works out well for your family. Remember if it doesn't and you rather do it on your own you can always withdraw from the cyber.

So far it seems the reviews overall here are positive.

Personally, I'm not a fan of cyber schools because to me there's to much of a tie in to the public school philosophy and bureaucracy that does not appeal to me. However, it has its place and does work for some families.

I don't know if this applies to k12, but some cyber schools do not let you keep non-consumable materials and do require equipment like the "free" computers to be returned at the end of a school year. Plus, if you'd like to school year round, be aware of the start and end dates of their school year. You may or may not be able to start earlier or extend them if needed.
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