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Re: What shoes do you buy for your toddler/preschooler

As much as it pains me... we love Crocs for our son. Even the imitation ones have been good. He has fat feet and they are roomier for him. I picked up a pair on a whim at Target last spring or summer for DS (they were made for Target by Crocs) and they were awesome. For summertime it was great because they were breathable, easy to put on & off, and didn't let in as much stuff (rocks, twigs, etc.) as sandals would. Oh, and we could just hose them off.

DS absolutely LOVED them and would cry if we wanted him to wear different shoes. Even when they got too tight he'd beg for the "blue ones." He wore different shoes for a couple of months, and then we recently got him a pair with the fleece inside (since it's cold out now) and now those are the ones he is always asking for (but sometimes he has to wear boots instead). We just got the cheap ones from Walgreens, which are surprisingly nice for $10, but I think in the spring we'll splurge on actual Crocs for him since he likes them so much and will be on his feet and playing outside so much.
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