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Re: What shoes do you buy for your toddler/preschooler

Originally Posted by addicteddad View Post
1st pair of SRs are in pretty decent shape, and they're probably 4 months old or so, and much to our dismay we found out we should have sized up a little sooner.
Because they've always slid on so easily, I assumed they fit, but his feet measure 8W now, and his current shoes are 7.5XW. Not a big deal, but the lady was explaining how kids may crunch up their toes to accommodate shoes that are getting too small.
He just turned 2, and I think we'll start having his feet checked every 3 months or so since I failed the eyeball test/thumb check.
The funniest part is DS "explained" how he curls up his toes inside his shoes to DF the other day, which is what prompted us to go shoe shopping today. We tend to check SR because of their selection of wide shoes. I agree they're not very economical compared to some shoes, but I've seen considerably more expensive shoes in stores like Foot Locker.
I've never had good luck with shoes from Walmart/Target etc for myself so I haven't tried them for DS.
I have noticed with SR that if you take out the insole, there is a little foot outline so you can test sizing at home and see exactly how it fits. You just put the insole on the floor and see if his toes go outside the lines.

Originally Posted by HugeBabyBoy View Post
I just buy them at Nordstrom, and if they wear too quickly I just take them back. DD had a pair of glittery Tom's that in 3 weeks the glitter was flaking off.; she'd only wore them about 10 times. They credited the money and we got something else.
I do this as well. Nordstrom has amazing customer service and will either just check your history if you do it on the card, or bring your receipt.
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