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Re: talk to me about going from 1 kid to 2

Originally Posted by songbird516 View Post
My daughter was 26 months but quite mature for her age and she did just fine with her brother. No jealousy in relation to him. I use the baby carrier (mei tai or sling) a bunch. The only problems I had were more related to her being two but large for her age, so if she got cranky or started to throw a fit in a store it was hard to control her because I was wearing the baby and she weighs 40 pounds. I would have preferred a 3 year age gap for that and other reasons.
Personally I felt that a newborn is a breeze compared to a toddler.
haha, exactly! I joke that our baby is the easiest member of the household for me to take care of. And that includes DH and our dog.

I'm always apologizing to her for her brother's antics or being "ignored" while I am doing stuff for him instead of her, but she is full of patience and grace and wise beyond her years (er, months). It's amazing how much she just goes along with things. Even when he jumps on her or wakes her up, it's usually responded to with a smile instead of a cry. For us, the second baby has been easier than the first toddler.

OP, major hugs to you. I hope the transition is easier than you think it will be. I won't sugar coat it and say that it's super easy, but I was expecting it to be way harder than it is. There has been way more good than bad. I felt very down during my pregnancy and was very very scared (and we had tried to conceive her, so it wasn't at all a surprise), but now things are just wonderful. It's tiring but in a good way. We are constantly laughing and it's so fun to see our son in his new role as a big brother.
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