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House rules for hand held gaming system (or other electroics)

We got my 3 older kids Leapster Explorers for Christmas. Kids are 5, 5, and 7. They have never had anything like this before and it's all new to our household. I bought them with the intention of using them for things like car rides and appointments where they need to sit quietly for a while. But, I also do intend to allow them to use them around the house some.

Until next Monday, they have free use of them because they are so new. And of course, they are using them like crazy. After that, I want to institute some strict rules with them. I don't know how much time per day is reasonable. I was thinking 30 minutes earned in 10 minute increments by doing chores and being well behaved. We have a chore chart we are starting to implement as well. I think these two things are going to work very well together and I'm excited about it. I was trying to figure out what privileges they were going to earn since TV would be hard to use because of where our only TV is.

I was wondering what other familys' rules are regarding these hand held systems (gaming or ipad or whatever). Please share with me how your family handles this to help me get some ideas. Thanks!!
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