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Re: Pregnancy after csection

I've only had one c-sec, and didn't TTC until he was 2yrs old. But my friend had a pregnancy 9 months after her 3rd c-sec. A girl I have chatted with had a VBAC only 11 months after her c-sec, so she would have gotten pregnant within a couple months of the c-sec (the VBAC baby was past 43 weeks, IIRC). A girl I used to know well had c-secs 13 months apart, so she was 4 months pp when she got pregnant.

The risks of rupture with VBACs decrease with 15 months between births (with the actual # being very low anyways). That may not be what you're looking at for #s - it sounds like you've had more than a couple c-secs? But if the rate decreases after 15 months, and that's with the uterus going through labor, I would assume that for just going through pregnancy, you're safe to go!
Obviously, if there were extenuating circumstances, something different with your incision or some complication with your surgery or health, that would play into things, too - but under normal circumstances, I would go for it!
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