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Re: Homebirth Prep.

We did the tarp on the ground as well. We made a path from the tub to our bed which was nice bc I got in and out of the tub and in and out of the bed. We also did the cheap liners on the bed. I never noticed noticed them. We also had several of the blue gauze type things in our birth kit and they had several under me. If those aren't in ur birth kit, get some. I used them for days under me in bed. My birth kit also had loose tea to make frozen pads for my bottom, which were AMAZING!! We also had a crockpot with water and rags for my mw. She used themfor hot compresses which was nice. The only other thing, I don't know how tall u are but I had a hard time.getting in and out of the tub and in and out of bed so I used a little foot stool. After the birth, I made DH, FIL, and my dad put the mattress on the ground so I didn't have to worry about it. Thats all I can think of.

Good luck... I LOVED my.homebirth!
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