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Re: Bathroom issue, perhaps TMI

Ouch, that is a tough topic to approach so I can understand your position! How friendly is the daughter with you and how comfortable is she? I am not sure if it would be appropriate to talk to the daughter about it yourself, or if she would likely be humiliated and mention it to mom when she gets home, thereby starting a fight with momma bear who may feel DD has been slighted in some way?

I like the lysol idea, and there are also the flushable cottonelle (sp) wipes. She might be more comfortable with those since she can use them and flush them. I am just thinking outloud here, consider how many young girls flush pads/tampons (even though they knew better), etc because they don't want to put it in the trash for everyone to know about YK and can't really understand the problems it can cause in the pipes? The flushable ones might be better. Maybe just set them out when she's there and talk to her or mom about using them. How to approach that topic is a tough one, hopefully someone has some suggestions there.

I would probably be inclined to approach the mom to talk to DD about it just so it doesn't cause an issue there.
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