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Re: potty shot- guess girl or boy?

Originally Posted by mommajewels View Post
So after playing with it on ipiccy, equalizing it and adjusting the saturation.... I'd be totally convinced your baby is a girl if you were further along. But being as the pic is from 13wks 5dys, I'm a little more skeptical to call this an "accurate" potty shot since normally both M & F have very similar parts at this point. However, I think the fact that there is no buldge at all is pretty promising. Of course this is just as guess since you're still pretty early and I'm definitely not an ultrasound tech, but between this pic and the skull pic, I vote girl.

Pic is clickable to view larger.

Wow! Thank you for taking the time to try and make it better. Well, I'm 16 weeks now and going in next week at 17 weeks and Dr. Said he'd do an u/s if i want, but I'm really wanting to stay team green, but it is so hard! My intuition says girl, but it seems so strange after having so many boys.
I have a few side shots, but I didn't see any nubs in them. I'll post and you can give me your opinion.

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
I have never seen one so blurry. Ours have always been crystal clear. Is it that bad IRL or is it a bad shot or something?
This is a snapshot taken from my u/s video that is why it isn't so clear. The u/s video isn't great either.
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