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Re: Anyone else have a bigger family but a small house?

Originally Posted by 812ajack View Post
We were renting an 800 sq ft house when we had #4, it was DEFINATELY squished but it worked for a few months til we bought our current 4 BR/2 BA house now. When we did move in here though we gave the girls the Master BR since it was bigger- we have 4 girls so right now my son has his own room (when they were little it didn't bother me them sharing a room but now that they're older we don't do that) the 3 older girls have a double loft/bunkbed and the baby has her own room. Having said that we want more! And we always get comments like "aren't you out of room" or "you've got a full house" all the time. At this point I've learned not to care what people think or say. They aren't paying my bills so it's none of their business. I say do what you can afford. Kids adjust and do fine as long as they are in a safe/loving environment. It's better to do that then have to worry about money for things you can't afford every month or you/DH having to work more to afford some high payment for a bigger house. I can't imagine there is any state that would allow someone to be kicked out for having 3 kids in one room renting or not.
To the bolded statement; I'd rather live in 800sqft surrounded by family than 3000sqft by myself. A full house is a house full of love imo.
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