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My 6 y/o is suddenly saying GROSS stuff....

My DD will be 6 in one month from today.

Recently, she's started saying "I love to eat boogers. They are delicious!" or "I love the smell of my farts. When I fart, I sniff it." Then will come a long explanation of HOW she eats her boogers or sniffs her farts. "I pick my nose and then...." or "When I'm in bed I fart a lot and then...." double

I try really, really, REALLY hard not to smile or laugh when she says this stuff, b/c I know she is looking for a reaction. But it's difficult for me not to. Mostly b/c I have a nervous laugh that is hard to stop - and she says it at the WORST times ever. And also b/c it is actually pretty funny to hear her say it. She's so animated with her speech, it's like she's describing an ice cream sundae, but she's talking about eating boogers. So it's hard not to chuckle *a little*...... but then again, I might be the only person in the whole universe who finds that funny...

Anyway, how can I discourage this? Is this typical for her age? I thought only boys did this weird bodily function ha-ha stuff. I guess I need to have a convo with her.

Today she told my friend, who was at my house for the first time, these things. I wanted my floor to open up and eat me. My friend could tell I was mortified, and she graciously responded, "oh don't worry, I'm sure my DD will be saying these things when she's old enough.... my husband will probably be the one teaching her!" (her DD is 14 mos old, so very young)

Oy, it's so embarrassing. I can't wait until the tables are turned and she's a teenager and *I* can be the one embarrassing her. Maybe I'll remind her when she's 13 and has HER friends over, how much she LOVED to eat her boogers and smell her farts when she was 6. (I'm totally kidding, I wouldn't do that... but it is funny to imagine....)

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