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Re: Bathroom issue, perhaps TMI

I didn't grab all the quotes, but I will try to answer all the questions.

I am not actually sure how she is making the mess. It's not huge amounts, but it is generally in a few places--seat, lid, front of toilet. I would guess she waits too long or it comes on fast, because she generally runs to the bathroom.

She is a very nonchalant, open kid. I don't think making the mess would faze her, and I have seen evidence of similar in their home. BUT, her mother and her brother all have the same health issue, so it is likely not just her. I don't want to paint a picture of a poo-smeared bathroom, as I said, it is just a bit. But, still, I do think 10 years old is old enough to tidy up.

I mean, she will have this for the rest of her life, so IMO, as a mom, I would want to teach my child how to deal with it and not leave a mess behind.

Everything else is on par, 100% average child. Funny, quirky, neat, smart little girl.

Regarding the flushable wipes, we are on septic, so those are not an option, although a good idea.

Her mom is someone I count as a friend, but given her reaction to the receptionist story, and the fact that we rarely ever talk about this part of the illness, I am not eager to bring it up. Usually I just clean it, but DH is not often here. I have known her mom for about three years, and there are places we do not go, yet.

That said, if my kid was having this issue, I would want to know.

FTR, I don't think the receptionist was overly harsh about it, when she told mom. I don't believe there was anyone else present. This mom does have a tendency to perfectionalize her kids and underestimate her daughter (the baby), so I think it hit too close to home, embarrassed her and got her back up.
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