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Originally Posted by amb2j
Don't want this to turn debate(ish) but I'm genuinely curious about what your research found about vitamin k injections. I'm in the process of researching it myself as well as the eye ointment and would love to hear any info on the subject.

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The studies are controversial that the large dose given at one shot increases the risk of childhood leukemia. To off set that you can give a smaller dose once a week over 5 weeks and they still get the same amount, just slower. Personally I feel more comfortable doing it slow and steady.

As far as the eye drops they are to protect the baby if you have the std chlamydia. If you have it and birth vaginally the bacteria can get in their eyes and cause blindness. I'm also opting out if that because I know I'm negative and don't see the point of giving unnecessary antibiotics.

Both are my personal (well my husbands and mine) opinion and what we feel is best for our family but I encourage everyone to do what is right for theirs
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